The IDL KT17 DLM is a Dynamic Link Module (DLM) for the Interactive Data Language (IDL) by L3Harris Geospatial Solutions, Inc. The DLM provides access to the Korth-Tsyganenko 2017 (KT17) magnetic field model for Mercury’s magnetic field. The model is based on techniques developed by N. A. Tsyganenko for Earth-based magnetic field models and was fit to data acquired by the MESSENGER Magnetometer. The algorithms are described in Korth et al. (2017) and the reference source code for this model is included in the downloadable archive.

Download IDL KT17 DLM v1.0 (Windows only)

Acknowledgements: I thank Kolya Tsyganenko for teaching me his magnetic field modeling techniques and for his close collaboration throughout the development of this model. This work was supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under grant agreement NNX16AJ01G issued through the Science Mission Directorate.

License: The IDL KT17 DLM is BEERWARE. If you use it, like it, adore it, or even worship it, buy me a beer. 🙂

Reference: Korth, H., Johnson, C. L., Philpott, L., Tsyganenko, N. A., & Anderson, B. J. (2017). A dynamic model of Mercury’s magnetospheric magnetic field. Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 10147–10154. doi: 10.1002/2017GL074699

Version History:
v1.0: Initial release.

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